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Sep 30, 2012 2:00pm EDT
deal. it is a puzzle no one knows the answer to. the second justice to think about is john roberts. he pays not a pivotal role eligible but he played a heavy role in terms of how fast the court does anything. when they have a solid majority, if they want to get to the end results. kennedy will provide a strong vote in. the chief justice has been more concerned about taking things incrementally. it will turn out. you think it is unconstitutional tax do you take a baby step in that area? do you say that section 5 is unconstitutional across the board? de you car back on the number of jurisdictions that are subject to the pre-clearance regime. you will find an incredibly important role. the fourth amendment case can cover the docket of all the cases coming up. be attentive to the new grant on when it is the police can take blood when you're driving under the influence. there is an important thing about that. there were shut down on the ground the police that you have a warrant. i would be surprised if the state lost that. the atoll in the blood dissipates. i believe there is a right to
Sep 29, 2012 10:00am EDT
john boehner said when this bill was passed with sequestration, he was delighted. he wants a cut but no revenue increases. now you hear republicans say they do not want these cuts, or they put in automatic cut/ i was proud to vote against the ridiculous bill. you don't put things into lot to say terrible things will hav happened to the country and then close the doors of congress and go home and to clear a recess. you can go home and tell people there is a fiscal cliff we may go over there when they go into another deep recession but we're here to tell you we deserve reelection. that is really quite absurd. the grand compromise never happened, the super committee could not work out its differences. the nature that we put in place a dire one with terrible consequences. >> [inaudible] >> i have a contest that i am taking seriously. i have always taken my reelection seriously. i have never had to work as hard because i have a man was not as rich as with bridget mitt romney the way up there is spending millions of dollars. i am campaign mistake -- a positive way about what i have done. i ex
Sep 30, 2012 10:30am EDT
introduced them to one john le of these professors, actually a businessman, who had come in 1979 or something. he said, i came here in the pakistan. that relative deterioration of the system, i would argue it has led to inner lookingness. help pakistan reach out to get neighbors. it is crucial to see whether the united states and china. and there may be in pakistan. the chinese ambassador, when he hmm would talk to me about their close to ours. that islamic fundamentalism. that sounds like a set of goals. can we work with other people. what americans will do. it is a question of if pakistan out. one of the greatest things that has happened in the last few years is that, unless i read them incorrectly, the leadership of the military has blessed the opening to india. those of you who have much more experience in pakistan than i greta high know that was not the case a fewin india, there was skepticism whether or not the pakistan military supports this opening. i believe it to be the case. the point is that the traditional means of looking at this country in a bilateral way, to balance
Sep 29, 2012 2:00pm EDT
school. i am a john dewey educated person. she tied her way through graduate school typing all of his books. i am a great believer in collaborative learning. in the complex world we live in today, just thinking if you are this good in math but do not understand anything else, i think we are all losing out on that. one of the things i have observed in public schools is that their job is to give the answer, not last the right question. my question for you is, how do we open up curiosity and allow these kids to challenge and not be penalized because their teachers do not understand the answers? their job is to say who has the answer and where do we go find it? i have been with the defense department for 35 years. getting them to talk or is donnelly is really hard and i am hoping you will do something about a -- two top horizontal the is really hard, and i am hoping you will do something about that in our education system, starting with kindergarten. experts we are not there yet. what are we trying to teach? is it a row number of facts that we can all google? is it penmanship, handwriting
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4